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Research at Colorwize began on April 8th 1989. We opened the Colorwize web site at on May 20th 2000. Since then we’ve had 6,274,429 visitors. ( As of January 15th 2006 )

Color Cupid was opened at noon on August 24th 2004. This was after research from our relationship test at showed that those with the same color signature rated their relationship much higher than those who were opposites.

What makes Color Cupid stand out from the rest of the dating web sites in the world, is that you will find someone who has the exact same color signature as you. Our research at shows that with similar color signatures you will like the same music, pets, sports, careers, movies, cars, colors and much more. You will have very little to argue about and a great deal of things that you enjoy doing together! As the world gets smarter, our relationships get better. Remember the saying "birds of a feather flock together" ? Well, those with the same color preferences flock together too. At Colorcupid you will find someone who is, "on the same page" as you.

We at have made it very easy for you to find that "perfect someone". We wish you the best on your quest for perfect love. And may Color Cupid help you on your journey !



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